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 June 20 - 24, 2017 Bryson City, NC: SMRI VIX

Last website update:  17-Apr-2017

Questions?  Check our FAQ's    WEB PAGE is being updated But registrations are open


The 2017 SMRI lX dates are above.  Remember, most motels close after October and will be open by mid April.  Please confirm your reservation.    Based upon attendee feedback, the event dates have been expanded and will always be Tuesday -> Saturday after Fathers Day.  Early arrivals may take time to visit Attractions before the scheduled events.      Click here for a map to locate Bryson City. 

                      All proceeds from  SMRI events go to helping underprivileged children in the area.


To plan effectively, June 11 is the date  Register  when all registration and dinner sign ups need to be completed.  As time gets tight, please check back for updates both on this page and the Updates page.  Important items are flagged in red or green.

This year will mark the ninth anniversary for this event.  We need ride leaders and a ride coordinator.  Remember, we value your feedback to keep improving this event:  It is your event!  Use the email link below for comments or if you want to  volunteer to help run this event, press the Volunteer tab on top of page for more information

 * To register for the SMRI, and the events,  Click Here  

If you registered but are not listed on the attendance page as attending the  Parking lot party, Catered Barbecue or Ryan's and want to attend these event(s)  Click here

*To cancel your registration for the SMRI or the Parking Lot Party or Ryan's  Click Here

Scheduled rides for 2017Arrive at least 20 minutes before departure time.

The condensed schedule is below; click here for the detailed schedule. (all events subject to change & modifications)  events are being added


Tues, June 20 Opening day
"    Early Bird & Volunteer Organizational get-together and Cookout to be held at Steve's house 6:00 PM Early Bird arrivals and all Volunteers, Ride leaders and interested volunteers are invited. Gary will Depart from Gracey Manor at 5:30 PM to lead ride to Steve's House at the Smoky Mountain Country Club. Please RSVP  at steve.vergo@att.net
Wed, June 22 Guided and Self Guided Rides TBA
"                 " Guided Trip to Brasstown Bald Mountain  Observation Deck (details to follow later) Lunch after   - This is a long trip                     
Thurs, June 23 Guided and Self Guided Rides
              Parking Lot Party with Food, Entertainment, Raffles and Auction.
Fri, June 24 Guided and Self Guided Rides
   Dinner at Morgan Pavilion Put on by ( Dept of Social Services ) DETAILS TO FOLLOW
Sat June 25 Guided and Self Guided Rides
  Steve's Mountain Ride (details to follow)
"                  "  
"              " Farewell Dinner Ryan's Steak House


Additional rides are on the Updates page.   

A note on rides:  Gracey Manor is the meeting place to ride, but not all rides will have assigned leaders.  So that all may have time to enjoy the activities, we suggest that groups leave [kickstands up] by 9 AM [or earlier] to have afternoon downtime before the evening events.  Arrive 20 minutes before departure time.  Print out rides you want to take beforehand.

Welcome Visitor

Please use or contact Gary at (813) 601-2804 for further information or questions regarding the Smoky Mountain Ride In

Just a clarification on the name and purpose:  We do not want to get involved with insurance or other legal ramifications.  This is just a group of riders coming together, and if it becomes more than that, we will respectfully decline being involved in organizing a future event.  While this event supports a local children's charity, your participation is voluntary.  You are responsible for yourself, and the organizers assume no legal responsibilities.

*A note to entertainers and vendors:  If you are expecting to come here to make big money, this is not your event.  Everything is run by volunteers who receive no compensation.  If you want to volunteer, then contact us and your message will be routed accordingly.

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