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Frequently Asked Questions

How did this event get started?

Many of us on the GL1800Riders.com group attended the Honda Hoot and got together to take rides.  After Honda cancelled this event, we began meeting in Bryson City to continue riding the Smokies each June.

Is this event affiliated with Honda?

No.  We are not affiliated with any organization.

Are there any requirements for motorcycle brand to attend?

No; all riders, regardless of motorcycle brand are welcome.  All responsible riders who want to have a good time riding scenic roads are welcome.

I'm not a 'peg scraper' rider.  Is this a concern?

Not at all!  Most of our rides are the laid back type on back roads.  However, if you want, you may take a spirited ride through Deal's Gap or other roads in the area.  Its up to you.

What fees will I incur to attend this event?

Your costs are limited to a motel, food and gas for your motorcycle.  There are no event fees, but we do encourage you to support our events for charity and to tip the entertainers, as well as support the local merchants.

Where does the money raised for charity go?

100% of the money raised goes to local charities to help the children and provide Christmas gifts for them.  More details are on the Correspondence page.

How do I register?

Simply complete the registration form:  The first part is  for attending the SMRI and a second  and third part is for the Parking lot "Welcome Party" and for the "Departure" dinner at Ryan's Steak House.  Links for all forms are on the Home page.

Do I have to take the rides by those who are leading them?

You can either take guided rides [check Home and Updates pages], or you can strike out on your own and take any of the rides posted on the Routes page.  Its your event, so feel free to do what works for you.

What considerations are needed for a planned ride?

Please arrive 20 - 30 minutes before 9 AM so that the ride leaders can inform you of the route and any other details.  This way, rides can leave by 9 AM [or earlier if the ride leader has so indicated].  The ride leaders will have the route before everyone arrives.

Can you describe a typical day?

Well, here's mine.  After breakfast in town, take a ride on a full tank of gas.  Have lunch along the way, or pick up lunch before departing and have a picnic.  Ride back into town mid-afternoon and enjoy the pool.  Have dinner at anyone of the fine restaurants in town, then enjoy the evening social activity.  Repeat this routine until it is time to go home.

Are there any essential items to bring along?

I'd say a travel PC or smart phone for Internet access, cell phone and GPS for your motorcycle or a copy from Mad Maps of the Appalachian Area [www.madmaps.com] which have many more routes.  AAA members:  You can get special area maps for this region.

What's in Bryson City?

Just about everything you need!  Restaurants, The Smoky Mountain Railway, shops, and above all, ice cream!    More information is on the Links page.

Is there an official place to stay?

There is no official motel for the event.  We do encourage you to support the 'Mom & Pop' motels on the Lodging page.

I really enjoyed the event and want to come back next year; can I reserve a room before I leave?

Absolutely!  In fact, most of the riders do just that.  We do ask that you confirm your reservation sometime in May or sooner so that we can make arrangements.  Also, tell your motorcycle friends about the great time you had and pass along our website.