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The “Smoky Mountain Ride In” is an organized motorcycle gathering that is held annually in Bryson City NC for motorcycle junkies sharing stories and information about bikes, local roads, trips, events and anything to do with having good old clean fun. There is no charge to attend and participate in this rally. The only rule is to come and have a good time !!!

The “Smoky Mountain Ride In” evolved when Honda announced in 2009 that it was cancelling the annual “Honda Hoot” indefinitely. A few enlightened members of the GL1800riders forum started a discussion about the possibility of having an informal get together to replace the cancelled “Honda Hoot.” One GL1800 board member had visited Bryson City in the past and suggested it as a good place for the get together. After much discussion it was decided to hold the gathering in Bryson City NC due to its proximity to the Smoky Mountains and all the nice roads in the area. The group also decided to call the event “Smoky Mountain Ride In” and to invite motorcyclists along with their families to attend. The group also decided to donate any proceeds to local area charities.

One member volunteered to set up a web site that featured information about the event along with a sign up page. Another board member who was a part time resident in Bryson City was able to get one of the local riding clubs involved and also arranged for reduced lodging rates at various motels around Bryson City. Some of the events that were held included a fish fry featuring trout caught by local members, and served by the CMR motorcycle group, a local riders club. An auction was held with lots of motorcycle items, a horseshoe tournament, a barbecue dinner,  raffles and  various other events hosted by members from the GL1800Riders group. Volunteers led daily motorcycle rides throughout the various roads in the Smokies and around Bryson City. Various routes were inserted on the events website. There were many other people who donated their time and talents to organize and run the first “Smoky Mountain Ride In”. In short, an event that was first envisioned as an informal gathering of few people turned out to be a huge success the first year with over 175 people attending and over $1,200 being collected for charity. The gathering was such a success that it was decided to make the “Smoky Mountain Ride In” an annual event to be held every June.

We have had eight more SMRI since the first one and each one has been a little different than the first one but they all share the same common denominator as the first one. - A bunch of motorcyclists getting together informally and having fun in the beautiful smoky mountains. Not only did we have a blast at each ride in, we also were able to generate over forty seven thousand dollars - needed money for the local charities that helped the kids of Bryson City for Christmas.

Now we are planning for the tenth annual “Smoky Mountain Ride In” and we would love for you to attend. The event will again be held in Bryson City, NC due to its proximity to the Smokies and other beautiful attractions. Tuesday, we plan on having a Welcome Party at Steve's house on top of the mountains, A Cook-Out Party on Thursday with hot dogs, Hamburgers ect. We are also having a   Dinner on Friday. On Saturday we will be hosting  a going away party at Ryan's As usual there will be entertainment along with raffles featuring items donated by our attendees and generous supporters. We will again be hosting daily rides throughout the beautiful Smoky Mountain roads of Western NC, South Carolina, Tennessee and Northern Ga.  Some of the many other planned events this year include guided and unguided rides. Again to reiterate – there is no charge to attend the Ride In. All proceeds and donations from the raffles, silent auction and events will go to the local children's charities. 

This Years Smoky Mountain Ride In will have a special meaning for Gary and I. We have been helping run this event and father time is knocking on our door. This event will probably be the last one that Gary & I are running. We hope that others including the fine staff at the Department of Social Services continues to support this worthy cause. If you would like to take a active role please contact Gary or myself.